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Moving to Central Florida: Your Guide to Local Family Sports and Activities

When considering Central Florida as your new home, it’s not just the famous attractions that beckon. This vibrant region is a treasure trove of local sports and activities designed with families in mind. Whether you’re new to the area or still contemplating the move, dive into this guide to discover what awaits you in Central Florida’s sports and activities landscape.

1. Score Goals at Lake Mary Soccer Complex

Situated in Lake Mary, this expansive soccer complex is a hub for aspiring soccer stars and families who enjoy the beautiful game. Regular youth leagues and well-maintained fields ensure a top-notch experience.

2. Perfect Your Swing at Central Florida Tennis Club

Located in Winter Park, this renowned tennis facility is designed for all ages and skill levels. Offering group classes, private lessons, and regular events, it’s a tennis lover’s paradise.

3. Dive Deep with Scuba Orlando

For those families keen on underwater adventures, Scuba Orlando offers diving lessons and local dive trips. It’s a great way to bond while discovering the aquatic wonders of Florida.

4. Reach New Heights at Climb Orlando

If your family is looking for an adrenaline rush, Climb Orlando in Winter Garden is the perfect destination. With climbing walls for beginners to experts, it’s an adventure everyone can enjoy.

5. Gallop Away at Hidden Palms Ranch

Sanford’s Hidden Palms Ranch provides families with a serene horseback riding experience. Traversing scenic trails, riders get to experience Florida’s natural beauty up close.

Tips to Maximize Your Sporty Outings:

  1. Engage in Seasonal Activities: Central Florida is known for its seasonal sports and events. Stay updated with local listings to make the most of what’s on offer.

  2. Safety First: Regardless of the activity, always prioritize safety. Ensure all family members are equipped with the necessary protective gear.

  3. Discover Community Centers: Local community centers often have a plethora of family-friendly sports and activities. Joining these can also be a great way to integrate into the local community.


From soccer pitches and tennis courts to diving and climbing, Central Florida promises a vibrant sports scene for families. With an array of options to choose from, families can lead an active, healthy, and fun lifestyle in this sunny paradise.

If you’re inspired by the boundless activities Central Florida presents and are keen to make it your home, our team at We Care Affordable Moving is ready to assist. With our commitment to affordability and seamless service, we ensure your move to Central Florida is smooth and hassle-free.

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