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Closing a Box


At We Care Affordable Moving Company we know you don't just need a truck and movers. That's why we are a complete moving company who also offers packing services. Let us handle all parts of your move so it can be hassle-free.

Let us take apart your furniture and put your furniture back together again at your new location. This includes: bedroom sets, dining tables, entertainment furniture, and office furniture.

We will quote a flat-rate and stick to it, on your next large or small move include packing services. Feel confident knowing your price for the entire move.

In advance, we will meet to review your inventory. Then we will give you a flat-rate quote for our moving and packing services. Let us surprise you with our low prices on our moving services.


Call Javier at 386-215-1247 to get started on your complete moving and packing services quote.

Moving House

Let Us Start Packing


Safe and Cared For

Your items will be carefully packed & wrapped avoid damage. Furniture will be well padded and placed in our moving truck so it's protected from damage or scratches.


We Love to Label

Every box is carefully labelled and organized by room making your entire move go as quickly and efficiently as possible by our moving experts.



Unpacked & Worry Free

We offer fast unpacking services. We want you to walk into your new home or office with everything where you want it. 

We have had entire companies leave their offices on Friday afternoon, and walk into their new offices Monday morning to find everything the way they left it!

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